Chang2 Studios

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chang 2 Studios

Nick & Katie-081102-2938
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YAY! Oh I am so excited! We finally choose a name for our business. We went with Chang2 Studios.This is fitting for many reasons. The obvious, we are getting married in 3 months and I will be a Chang too! So we will be Chang Squared. Plus I had already drawn out a really cute logo for it. I can't wait to design it and get it up on the site and business cards.

So we do have the domain name for our site , but there is not much up on it yet. We will have to keep everyone informed. For now we are still using the

We have been so busy, hence why the website and name has taken extremely long. We have shot a few weddings each month. We have another one tomorrow up in Rockford. And the following weekend we have Nick and Katie's. Here is a photo from their engagement session with us. We are so excited to shoot their wedding. Such a great couple to work with.